Thursday 28 June 2018

A Long-Awaited Return (For Good!)

Wow, I'm back! Oh god, finally, yikes. I've been gone for like a month, I mean what th-


So you loyal viewers are probably either wondering where I've been, or you've been wondering who I am because you forgot about me in the time I've been gone. For the latter camp, I'm Alex and I make video games and sometimes YouTube videos about video games which can be informative, educational or just telling you how my own games are going.

For the people who are just wondering where I've been, in short I've been busy with exams. However, on Monday the 26th I had my final exam and now I am free... forever! That's the last round of exams that I've got so now I guess it's time to venture on into the brave new world of full-time game development.

Of course, that's assuming that my parents don't tell to get a part-time job so I stop wasting my life chasing a rainbow, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So what does this mean in terms that you care about? Well for one, YouTube videos will become a lot more regular since I won't really have much else on my mind. Also, I'll be able to commit a LOT more time towards game development since again- nothing else to really have to do right now.

So basically, this means more content for you and less negative stress for me. Let's face it, the overall amount of stress is probably gonna stay pretty constant since game development is HARD, but at least this is stress that 1) I brought on myself and 2) I'll probably quite enjoy because I enjoy game development.

Now what else has been going on? I wouldn't ask that question if I didn't have a good answer for it so I guess this is as good a time as any to announce...

Mass O' Kyzt+! Or whatever name we decide to give it in the end. So there are a few things to address here, the first of which is yes- this is a remaster of Mass O' Kyzt, that game that I finished like 6 or so months ago. Since that game had a lot of issues and things which I really should have ironed out before release, a friend of mine has decided to pick up the slack and re-make Mass O' Kyzt in the Unity engine with a few adjustments.

The friend of mine doing all this is of course the talented Alex Carpenter, who created "Squirm", that game that Jim Sterling liked, and has been working on his next game "Float" for the past 6 decades. I should note at this point that Alex Carpenter is indeed in his 70s, so it's really nice of him to work through a bingo night or two to get this done.

For real though, Alex Carpenter is cool. He's doing this re-make primarily to practice his multiplayer programming skills, so that he can later apply those skills to his main big project, Float. That means that Mass O' Kyzt+ will indeed have some kind of multiplayer, 2 new worlds, more achievements(and less nonsense ones) and a bunch of quality-of-life changes.

I'm really looking forward to this, and since it's my intellectual property and this YouTube channel is basically thinly-veiled commercials you all should be looking forward to it too.

However, Mass O' Kyzt+ is not intended to really keep me busy at all since I don't really know how Unity works and this is first and foremost a practice project for Alex to get to grips with some stuff he needs for Float. That means that I'll be working on my next game concurrently with Mass O' Kyzt+ but well.. I think that's territory best left to another video. Winking emoticon.

So thanks for watching and stay tuned for more YouTube videos at a reasonable pace, and also then a remake of a game I did, and then also a new game entirely which I've yet to even come up with yet but I guess I have like three days to do it because this is how my upload schedule works. Oh dear.