Wednesday 4 January 2017

Phew! Track 1 completed!

After about a month and approximately 90 hours spent working on it, I've finished the levels for the first track of Spiderman in the Rhineland, consisting of 9 backgrounds. Hooray! I can stop re-listening to my own voi-

Well, nevermind. If nothing else, it's a change of pace from making a variety of thematically random backgrounds. Time to focus on office blocks, cubicles, and boardrooms. 

P.S: I'm not actually finished with Track 1, I've still got one room to re-make seeing as it wasn't even good enough for me to post it here, and I've got an entire hidden section to create, based off of the hidden version of Track 1... but that could take me a while, it will definitely take a bit more planning.

As per usual, if you have done, thanks for reading!

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