Monday 20 February 2017


Hello! As some of you may be aware, I immediately started work on a new project, Solasi, after finishing Monotony.

I'll outline what my project actually is for the lovely readers of my blog.

Solasi is a survival semi-horror game. The player is trapped in a surreal underground bunker, where food and water are not rare resources. The most valuable resource is instead your own sanity -- being trapped in total isolation only to grapple with your own horrifying nightmares is bound to be harmful.

There will be two phases to gameplay. The first of which is the "daytime", where the player may perform menial tasks to increase their statistics. These statistics come in useful come "nighttime", where the player must
fight monsters - be it either to protect themselves, for the sake of slaughter itself or to acquire a Nightmare Charm simple trinket.

I am currently totally infatuated with this concept - if I can successfully translate between my mind and this computer, I will have created something truly wonderful. So far, this translation is going exceptionally well.

Unfortunately, since I'm using almost exclusively place-holder assets(except for that sick bed), it's more difficult to visually show off the game.

Either way, definitely stay tuned.

Also, follow me to help my self-esteem. Thanks.

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