Saturday 8 April 2017

Preparing for Ludum Dare 38!

At the time of writing, it is precisely 13 days and 2 hours until Ludum Dare 38 starts.

This is also going to be the first Ludum Dare which I actually participate in! I'm making a post here as a kind of "promise" to my kind readers so that I don't back out like I did for LD36...

As expected, I have little idea what to expect. I have no idea as to how well I'll perform over such a tight deadline. Obviously, the scope of the project would be considerably smaller than anything I've done before(well, I say that, but...) while on the other hand I'd be working a lot harder and faster.

Also, as of right now the theme selection should have started 24 hours ago at the latest. This is good.

Amidst the tremendous amount of uncertainty, I have a schedule for how I'm going to split my time over the weekend. Rather, I have a plan to make a schedule. I'm still evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of staying up until 2AM local time to find out the theme, or wake up at 8AM and find out the theme.

Additionally, by now my experience with the Godot engine has made it very easy to set up a simple top-down or sidescrolling base, on top of which I can put any necessary theme-specific developments.

I've also come up with a vague formula for the format of the game. Once the theme is released, I'll take it and try to make a scenario out of it. From this scenario, I can take a simple goal out of it and make that the overall goal of the game.

Since what I'm trying to say is coming out horribly unclear, I'll provide an example. The developer Pixel Prophecy made a game called "6210 B.C.". This game was a very simple slice out of the relationship of two competing tribes of cavemen. The details on the game can be found by either watching his post-mortem on 6210 B.C. or by visiting the game's page itself, linked in the description.

Of course, what is life without some form of substance abuse? Having eroded(if not totally shed) my caffeine addiction, I should be more susceptible to the focus-enhancing and fatigue-eliminating qualities of large quantities of coffee.

As usual, thanks for reading!

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