Friday 10 November 2017

I'm back!

That's right, after like a month and a half of not doing anything game or YouTube related I've decided that I can come back now and not have a mental breakdown.

I've still got a lot of schoolwork coming up and that's not going away any time soon, but I've finally cleared my current backlog of work and I'm feeling a bit more confident now.

Anyway, yeah, I'm back. How do I do this YouTube thing again? Videos. Something about videos? I don't know. Let's get a few things clear because I did some stuff over the past month that I want to advertise in a mainline video, so here we go.

First off, I made a Discord server for Mass O' Kyzt, that game that apparently I'm working on. If you want to join it you can, I made it primarily because it sounds fun. Don't go there expecting any serious events, formal announcements or particularly well-enforced rules.

I will however be posting a checklist of things I do with regard to my game. You'll get a (potentially boring) list of small changes constantly being drip-fed to you through the #dev-diary channel. I'll post these just as I do them(or plan to do them) and just sift back through them to make sure I cover everything in my Devlog videos.

This means that anyone on my Discord channel will be kept slightly ahead of the curve, able to see what's going on in my game before I tidy it up into a nice clean format. Also, if this proves to be too annoying for you, there is a mute channel option if you right click on it.

So yeah, all around a fun time. I said there wouldn't be any serious events but hey- maybe I'll organize something if there's enough interest in it. Who knows, currently there's like nobody in the server so I'd appreciate it filling up a bit before I propose something like that.

There's a never-expiring Discord invite link in the description of this video, and it's also linked in my channel header. Both of these will grant you access to the esteemed Mass O' Kyzt Discord Server.

Anyway, let's move onto the other thing.

I made a small arcade-y game called "This Game Is Not An RPG"! I only spent about a week of on-and-off working on it, but it's been received fairly well and I'm personally quite proud of it. From a self-analysis point of view, I think it's quite polished compared to my previous work and it holds up with a simple and intuitive premise- "hit the squares".

It's got a nice scoreboard integrated into it, and as usual almost everyone beat my high score of 144 already. Again, the link to this is in the description, I hope you enjoy it. Oh yeah, there's an easter egg somewhere in this game. I won't tell you where but someone found it within like 5 minutes of the game being published so maybe it's easier to find than I thought.

Anyway, thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos now... that's right, I have to make more of these. Exciting.

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