Sunday 12 May 2024

What Is In My Future?

 Boy, well wouldn't I like to know!!

As a game developer, I've spent my career so far making a lot of games with all of the same shared restrictions. These are things like, two-dimensional, self-published, solo-developed (mostly), ... The natural continuation of this is to continue working on these types of games because they are what I know how to create

My general sensible-ness tells me, however, that I would be better off expanding my abilities in some way. I should go work on a three-dimensional game, or I should find some other people to work with. Well, that's a lot easier said than done. They say sometimes that in between plans of how you want to succeed, "life happens" sometimes. Well, I can only hope that when "life happens" it "happens" in the way that brings me to a greater fulfillment, and not in the "life happens" way that means I will one day get an anvil dropped on my head from off the top of a building.

I quite enjoy making the things I know how to make. I would be quite happy to continue doing that if I could possibly learn to do it full-time, all the time, I really would love to. Sadly, what I know how to make isn't enough. It's not enough to sustain myself in the present economy, and unfortunately, when I'm off learning disparate skills as financial band-aids for this problem, I'm only trapping myself in my little box of distracted non-growth. 


Well, if you're reading this, thank you for reading. I say, let's keep more things coming! :)

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