Tuesday 20 December 2016

Another two rooms done!

It only took about 2 weeks of work, but I can finally stop trying to recreate rooms from a certain video game involving bonfires, which is good because it's pretty damn difficult.

One of the rooms is this one:

It's admittedly not the best piece of pixel art ever created, but this took me literally 3 days. I'll come back to it at a later date because I'm certainly not satisfied with the end product, the rock in the bottom right is a bit.. strange and the borders are too lopsided for my liking.

Fortunately for me, I can put the amendments on the proverbial back-burner while I do something slightly more interesting. Also, at some point I need to fix a frustrating bug where a "fade out -> change scene -> fade in" will occasionally cause a strange flicker.

My best bet is to try and set up the mask which handles the fade in/fade out/visual snow/static effect as a singleton node. The only worry is that this would kind of reduce the amount of control that I have over the mask in each scene, seeing as it wouldn't be able to be keyframed in Godot's AnimationPlayer node.

That bit kind of runs contrary to my previous task of setting up the intensity and alpha channel to be uniforms explicitly so that they can be keyframed as necessary. Maybe a mixture of both is what I'm going to have to do, just initializing a singleton in the scene prior to the fade out, and deleting it after the fade in.

This is my favourite part of game development; the problem solving and thinking about a problem. Definitely not the creation of art assets, at any rate. At this point I'm almost glad I have a bug to fix...

And if you have done, thanks for reading.

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