Monday 12 December 2016

New background!

I spent most of today finalizing and trying to get a solid version of the latest background for a level.

Seeing as the background without context or interactivity really gives away nothing about its purpose, I feel comfortable showing this off here. Without further ado, enjoy the following:

I do highly doubt that this will continue into the final build without slight changes, but as it is now I feel pretty happy with it. It took a lot longer than I could have ever expected, seeing as it took a total of 4 revisions of the same area in order to get one that doesn't look so awful.

Bonus: if anyone guesses what game this area is from and gets it correct, I will keep you in the development loop personally, considering that it doesn't really resemble the actual area that I based it off very closely, and you are therefore clearly telepathic. I think that telepathic people could be useful to gauge market and audience interest, so it's worthwhile trying to keep you around. Post a comment if you want to hazard a guess.

In all seriousness, I did overwrite the 3 other revisions of this room before I realized that I had a blog where I can throw this stuff, so that's lost to the void. I'll try not to do that next time, but then again, hopefully I won't have to try 4 revisions and about 6 hours before getting one that looks tolerable.

And if you have done, thanks for reading.

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